GEN 2 pistons

GEN 2 pistons

Ultimate 5 axis and EDM pistons

Gen2 pistons is our challenge with perfection. X design TM & 3D Spiral Skirt TM.

Gen2 X patent design offers ultimate strength under high acceleration speeds and high loads. 3D spiral oil skirt grooves also patent on those. Are made exclusive from a high accuracy full 5 axis cnc machine allowing +-0.001mm tolerances. Every one pistons tested and validated from a robot CMM machine to ensure the highest quality standards.

We offer also a new innovation method of piston built, the EDM machine. EDM machine (Electrical discharge machining) is a manufacturing process whereby a desired shape is obtained by using electrical discharges (sparks). Material is removed from the work piece by a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes, separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage. One of the electrodes is called the tool-electrode, or simply the "tool" or "electrode," while the other is called the workpiece-electrode, or "work piece." The process depends upon the tool and work piece not making actual contact.

When the voltage between the two electrodes is increased, the intensity of the electric field in the volume between the electrodes becomes greater than the strength of the dielectric (at least in some places), which breaks down, allowing current to flow between the two electrodes. This phenomenon is the same as the breakdown of a capacitor (condenser). As a result, material is removed from the electrodes. Once the current stops (or is stopped, depending on the type of generator), new liquid dielectric is usually conveyed into the inter-electrode volume, enabling the solid particles (debris) to be carried away and the insulating properties of the dielectric to be restored. Adding new liquid dielectric in the inter-electrode volume is commonly referred to as "flushing." Also, after a current flow, the difference of potential between the electrodes is restored to what it was before the breakdown, so that a new liquid dielectric breakdown can occur. This unique style offers the highest accuracy built and also unique designs that cnc tool can’t get into some spots to mill.


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