3d Aerospace custom alloy

3d Aerospace custom alloy

3d Aerospace custom Alloy, we are setting a new standard in lightweight tactical performance by taking advantage of this revolutionary alloy and its extraordinary mechanical properties. We don’t believe the consumer should have to choose between the ‘high-strength’ of a heavy steel product versus the ‘light-weight’ of a fragile aluminum one. We offers both, the strength of steel at the weight of aluminum and less. Although expensive and difficult to obtain our material gives our products an unparalleled strength-to-weight advantage over the competition. When you purchase this product, you can be confident you’ve reached the pinnacle of lightweight performance.

In strength-to-weight ratio, our product out performs nearly all other engineering alloys in existence (44% better strength-to-weight performance than 7075, and 38% better performance than 6Al-4V Grade 5 Titanium). However, due to its higher cost and limited availability, it has seen very little commercial use. But for many applications there is no better alloy, not even Titanium.

Mostly used in Aerospace and Military.

With a Yeld strenght of 970Mpa it is 38% stronger than titanium 6AL-4B (720Mpa) and 65% less weight.

Its the strongest rod we can offer, and we use to our 2150hp-12.800rpm 4cylinder 4G63 Mitsubishi evo ix.

The Dynamic & Static figures we have test to our car using these rods at 13.000rpm ensure you that this rod will never fail.

Here are the data: 13.000rpm @ Mean piston velocity 35.5ms @ Instantaneous piston velocity 42.59m/s @ Max pistons velocity 57.42m/s @ Max piston acceleration 94311m/s2 @ 9613.7Gs @ Instantaneous acceleration 61390m/s2 @ 6257.9Gs

*All our products are ISO 9001 certified.


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