Mitsubishi Evolution 6/7/8/9

Mitsubishi Evolution 6/7/8/9

Most sensitive and critical part of the Mitsubishi evolution transmission and when the car launching is the transfer case. When traction allows it and grip is too much maybe just one pass makes the Tcase split in half.

We held not only the ¼ mile world record for Mitsubishi evo 7/8/9 platform but the 60ft (1.218sec) world record. We couldn’t had achieved it without this billet Tcase. We offer life time warranty on this and we offer 3 types for different budgets. And most important of all its proven and tested.

- Version 1 from billet aluminum (when we will be out of stock this item will discontinue)
- Version 2 from billet aluminum and very lightweight construction and oil improving to the bearings.
- Version 3 from billet magnesium ultralight racing construction and oil improving to the bearings

Below is a video of the 60ft world record 1.218 and the World Record 1/4 pass.

*Designed and manufactured under ISO 9001 certifications

Enjoy perfection !


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