High efficiency turbochargers

High efficiency turbochargers

Our team can be defined as a group of people with specific roles and complementary talents and skills, aligned with and committed to a common purpose, who consistently show high level of technical knowledge and innovation, that produce superior results. Our team is regarded as tight-knit, focused on their goal and have supportive processes that will enable any team member to surmount any barriers in achieving the team`s goals.

We built the best performance turbocharger systems since 1999, leading performance and innovation.

In 1999 as we had test most of the turbochargers in the market we decide to build our own performance parts for internal use and for racing industry only. So, we start built our billet compressor wheels in 1999, as we were the first on the market we had the ability to build and machine any custom compressor wheel from solid billet bar. We had the option to Flank mill and to Point mill. We will explain below the difference. These wheels are machined with a 5 axis endmill which precisely cuts the wheel from a solid piece of aluminum.
Then the compressor wheels were cast aluminum. We had the chance and opportunity to “play” with design and sizes. To study and test before CFD software come into our life. In 2002 we built the first billet titanium compressor wheel as we wanted to test it to pressures over 90psi. Then only compound systems could support boost pressure p2/p1 more than 4.2:1.

In 2007 we design and built the single 11blade design, and in 2008 we start production.

In 2010 we improve them, using the threaded type of bore, as result reduced hub size for increased inducer diameter and consequently increased flow. Same year we combine 11blade and extended tip technology that compressor wheels are capable of generating more air flow because of the higher blades as capturing more air, also can achieve more flow and higher pressure ratios.

In 2012 improving our previous design we made the height of blade even higher so the compressor wheels in much taller to allow grab more air and to flow better at higher boost levels as well.
same year we had billet aluminum, and titanium as option we start milling magnesium alloy as wanted a very light compressor wheel for mostly wrc applications that needed faster throttle response.
In this year as starting using point mill technique, gave us the ability to mill the wheel better with more accuracy and built a more complicated geometry, making the blades even thinner, slim nose and slim hub. The weight of the same size wheel dropped by 30-35%.

In 2013 we start using CFD software, and FEA testing of actual geometry to correct problems and improve flow. Then we improve flow, rotating by blade length from root to end by placing the blades diagonal out of the hub center. This gave us 3-4% more flow depends the wheel size.

In 2014 we built single 10blade design. Same way we built the 11blade less one blade.
Some applications had dramatically more flow than 11blade.

In 2016 as we had seen many of our wheels on the market copied, or built under our philosophy, we wanted to build the ultimate turbocharger systems that very difficult someone has the ability/knowledge and machinery to copy it.
20 years’ pioneers of performance turbocharging systems, in the end of 2016 we publish a completely new line, preparing it one year back and testing it.
Complete new ERA, patented now. New design and materials, 10-11-12-13 blades ultra high efficiency wheels featuring the unique patent design, featuring by far the longer blade size of the market. Billet Aluminum, billet Titanium, billet alloy aerospace, Carbon composite fiber, Kevlar and magnesium are the options for our wheels now. - Please visit Gen2 section for more details
The final conclusion after 20 years of research and we are 100% sure, that there is no one fit-same design to all applications and sizes. Every size, every customer and every application needs deferent design.
That’s why we start built our custom billet compressor covers so as the volute shape and size match perfect to the specific compressor wheel.
Also we built our CHRAs in billet aluminum. Please visit Compresor cover section for more details.
Turbine wheels, was our restriction. Using turbine wheels from another Vendor was fine until our compressor wheels flow supported by them. These days our compressor wheel flows much much more, and using of the shelf performance turbine wheels underrate the compressor wheel flow. Making the total unit choke up, as the exhaust backpressure becomes too high and volumetric efficiency is lost, wouldn’t it be able to bleed off enough exhaust gasses such that exhaust backpressure remains at a level where volumetric efficiency doesn’t decrease. So, using larger turbine wheel will solve the problem, but the turbine wheel will be to heavy. No, we didn’t want this. So we start built our own ultra-high efficiency turbine wheels - Please see turbine wheel section for more details

The biggest and best collection of turbochargers are available for any demand. Everyday use or race use, we can provide you the most suitable turbocharger to fit in your engine.

If you cannot find what you want in our lists, just ask and we will build for you the best customized turbocharger according to your desire. Custom built is our specialty.

But, if you planning to contact us just saying that you need a turbocharger for XXX horsepower, please don’t contact us. We have a form that you can fill and send back to us. More details we have, the better turbocharger you can have for your application.

* You can choose from our 11blade design, or from our new ERA GEN2.

Compressor wheel materials are:

- Billet 5 axis flank milled Aluminum T6 series
- Billet 5 axis point milled Aluminum T6 series
- Billet 5 axis point milled Titanium
- Billet 5 axis point milled Magnesium
- Billet 5 axis point milled Aerospace Alloy 970Mpa Yeld strength
- Carbon composite Fiber
- Carbon Kevlar

Turbine wheel materials are:

- Cast friction welded Inconel
- Billet one piece 5 axis point milled Inconel
- Billet one piece 5 axis point milled Titanium Alloy
- Cast friction welded Nickel-base superalloy MAR-M 247
- Billet one piece 5 axis point milled superalloy MAR-M 247

Compressor Cover options:

- Cast aluminum compressor covers
- Billet aluminum 5 axis point milled
- Billet Magnesium 5 axis point milled
- Carbon Fiber composite

CHRAs options:

- Garrett genuine Japan cast iron dual ballbearing
- Billet 5 axis aluminum dual ceramic ball bearing
- Billet 5 axis magnesium triple ceramic ball bearing

Labor options available:

Custom design, FEA, performace / compressor map create, prototype printer 3D.


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